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Mackenzie Homes provides our clients with all the tools to make their real estate dreams a reality. We identify local investment opportunities for you, can arrange financing for your acquisition, give advice on how to maximize the deals, and then turn them into a profit. Real estate gurus tell people how easy it is to make money in real estate. Mackenzie Homes (Pty) Ltd finally gives the investor the tools to make it happen. Real Estate Investing is highly competitive. Our clients are the first to know about new local investment opportunities. Our website investment opportunities are made available below market value and updated daily. Through our deeply discounted prices and the excess demand from local rehabbers and investors, and our database of estate agents, our current inventory of wholesale properties sells EXTREMELY FAST. Most are sold within hours of us putting them on our site.


As a client of Mackenzie Homes, it is very convenient to have all of these resources available in one place. The proven and reliable resources that we have will help increase the profitability of your property investments. So, whether our client is a novice or seasoned real estate investor, they will certainly benefit from our services. Again, thank you for your interest and we hope Mackenzie Homes will become Your Source for Wholesale Real Estate.


We handle all of the research – Our full time, seasoned professionals research hundreds of properties each week. We drive each and every property and inspect them as thoroughly as possible so they are excellent investment opportunities when we deliver them to you. All of the properties listed for sale on our site are already purchased, owned, under contract or controlled by us.

We streamline the purchasing process -You no longer need to waste your precious time or money tracking properties and doing research. We provide you, the individual investor, the opportunity to acquire real properties at true wholesale prices below current market value.

Purchasing Procedures – We make property simple. Please contact our offices on info@mackenziehomes.co.za for more detailed knowledge of how we work. No offer will be considered and no property will be removed from the market until we have received the required deposit and paperwork from the buyer.

You can take your time to evaluate the properties – Working with us give you the ability to take your time in evaluating your investment opportunities. You have time to do all of your own due diligence at your own pace. Imagine not having to close fast or pay all cash just to close a great deal. Purchasing investment real estate from Mackenzie Homes offers you the opportunity to research and fully analyse each property and make decisions at your own pace.

Our Stock changes daily – Through our network, we get leads, have people contact us to sell, and get deals from other investors seven days a week our inventory is always changing. Please be sure to check the site frequently. The properties we acquire typically do not last long on our site, making it important to be up to date on the status of our stock. Current Inventory

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